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those empty shelves are unreal!

stay safe amy, i'm thinking of you and your family!


take care, will be thinking of you.


LOL That is so true about the toilet paper. But don't forget the tissue.


LOL!! Great post and its assuring to know the media is sensationalizing the news about the nuclear radiation. Its a relief to know you and your family are safe. 3 days ago I would never have said this. Aren't you glad you have pancakes enough for an army :)

Yes, those pancakes really came in handy! -Amy


Glad you are doing okay.


great report on life in tokyo during all this. enjoy those extra baby cuddles and all that delicious kelp. take care.


i love your posts. I'm so glad that you and Shuma are doing well. Thanks for sharing the pics from shopping and of your delicious looking lunch. My mother loves nori no tsukudani and always has it in our fridge, but I'd never have thought to put it on toast. What a fabulous idea! (We do however occasionally put furikake on oatmeal for breakfast.)

Nori on toasts needs lots of butter to really work. And furikake on oatmeal! Not sure about that... -Amy

A San Franciscan

Thanks for posting! Glad to read that your family is safe. Really appreciate a local's perspective. Thinking good thoughts for those affected.

Yvonne Chan

Thank you for the candid report on how things are for you and your family in Japan. I hope things get better for everyone sooner then later.


I was thinking about you and your family since the earthquake. Glad to know you are all doing fine. Stay safe.

Robyn K

Really glad you and yours OK and I'm glad to hear that the state of affairs is really not so bad as the American news stations seem to be making it sound. Still, really terrible news and we're hoping for the best.

Rachel D.

You guys were the first people I thought about after hearing news of the quake. Glad that you are safe, and I will pray that you guys remain that way!


You did the right thing with little Shuma around. Glad you are able to make it to Osaka! Take care! Our thoughts are with your family


What a relief to hear that you're travelling to Osaka. I wish good luck and good health for you and your family (and everyone else in Japan for that matter).
What a stories you can tell little Shuma when he's older! Remember when you were a baby....
Thank you for keeping us updated. You're in my thoughts.


I kept thinking about you yesterday, and today when I read the news and saw that radiation has gone up in Tokyo, I had to check your blog. I`m so glad you decided to go to Osaka.
Stay safe! I`m sending you good thoughts from the other side of the world. :)


so glad to hear you bought the tickets to osaka. the news this morning was not good. and it's usually better to be safe than sorry. all good wishes to you and your family.


Thank you for letting us know how you and your family are. I hold good thoughts for you- but good to hear you are taking the "safe rather than sorry" approach and going to Osaka.


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Glad to read that you and your family are safe. Take Care!


I love your blog and read it regularly. I love looking at all the pictures of Shuma - very cute with all his interesting outfits. Thanks for sharing. I'm a regular traveller to Japan and I'm supposed to go to Kyoto/Osaka in the first week of April but now not sure if I should go. What's the gound feeling like in Osaka? Any advice for me? Thanks.

I'm so sorry to reply so late. I was going to say that Kyoto and Osaka are not only fine, but this is a great time to travel- far fewer tourists than usual so you'll enjoy crowd-free traveling. Now I wonder what you ended up doing. -Amy


I've been following your blog for a couple of years now. I'm so glad to hear you and your family are safe! My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone in Japan.


Glad to hear you are making the trip to Osaka as was thinking of you and little Shuma today.

Project Hyakumeizan

Many thanks for your reassuring and commonsensical post today. It's good to know how things really are in Tokyo. Over here in Zurich, our thoughts are with you. Especially as, just down the road, we have a nuclear power station that is a twin of the Fukushima ones....

Thanks for the comment. The Fukushima power plant survived the earthquake beautifully, it was the tsunami that did it in. You should be fine over there in Zurich. -Amy


I'm really releaved to hear you and Shuma left Tokyo, because ,especially for your son, due to his tiny body the effect of radioactivity will be more than for grownups. I hope you will stay Osaka for a while and stay safe and sound. Kyoko

SOL's View

It's good you know you and your family are ok. Stay safe and well. :)

(I was brought to you by Joe in Vegas)


I hope you and your family are somewhere safe.


That's good, you're in Osaka! Cool! Get some rest, just enjoy Shuma-chan.


This is so cool !


Make sure to write a sequel :-)


Thank you all for the comments and good wishes. Reading them really cheered us up!

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